Saturday, 12 January 2013

Leap of Faith

Voice in the Dark 1: 'Think about what you are saying. You're scaring everyone.'

Voice in the Dark 2: 'I have thought about it a great deal.'

Voice in the Dark 1: 'Be reasonable. Don't rock the boat.'

Voice in the Dark 2: 'I can't abide the reasonable. Is it reasonable for me to go on existing without a clue why? Must I move from one end of our world to the other until I die?'

Voice in the Dark 1: 'What makes you different from the rest of us? We all want to believe in more but there is nothing out there. The sooner you accept that the better.'

Voice in the Dark 2: 'But what if there is?'

Voice in the Dark 1: 'How do you know there is?'

Voice in the Dark 2: 'I don't I-'

Voice in the Dark 1: 'See.'

Voice in the Dark 2: 'But it doesn't matter, even if there is only the slightest chance, a one in a million chance, I must take it.'

Voice in the Dark 1: 'Why?'

Voice in the Dark 2: 'Because... I don't know I just must.'

Voice in the Dark 1: 'There you go again, you can't explain why you must do something - you're talking nonsense as usual. You're nothing but a religious fool.'

Voice in the Dark 2: 'And you're a narrow minded Empiricist!'

Voice in the Dark 1: 'Well it's a lot better than believing in the metaphysical fish shit you subscribe to.'

Voice in the Dark 2: 'Where is your vision? You couldn't see a higher reality if it swam over and bit you! You are so blinkered by your conditioning.'

Voice in the Dark 1: 'At least I'm not so open minded I don't hit my head repeatedly against the edges of our world.'

Voice in the Dark 2: 'I was experimenting.'

Voice in the Dark 1: 'You experimenting! Don't make me laugh. What do you know of experimenting?'

Voice in the Dark 2: 'More than you think, I was testing the limits of our reality.'

Voice in the Dark 1: 'Ha! Just as you try to make sense of the lights that sometimes dance on the walls of our world?'

Voice in the Dark 2: 'Yes.'

Voice in the Dark 1: 'And now you think you've found a way out. A way to transcend our reality.' 

Voice in the Dark 2: 'Yes.'

Voice in the Dark 1: 'Well then what are you waiting for Jonathan Seagull do your stuff!'

Voice in the Dark 2: 'Your right it's time. Goodbye my weak minded friend. I will try to return one day if I can.'

Voice in the Dark 1: 'I doubt it.'


A door opens and a little old lady with pink hair enters with a tray on which are two cups of tea.
She looks at a figure slumped in the armchair in front of the TV.
'Fred, wake up,' the little old lady says 'I've made you a nice cup of tea.'

As she walks across the living room she does not notice the dried up goldfish lying on the table a few feet from it's goldfish bowl.


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  2. Thought provoking.
    I hope you are Voice in the Dark 2.

    Your new friend on Facebook. Anjuman Sharma

  3. So, um . . . is the dead goldfish a metaphor for Philip K. Dick and those like him? And how does it relate to the “Butterfly Man” ( The butterfly is born as a caterpillar; the caterpillar dies to itself, it enters a tomb which is also a womb, and is then born again as the butterfly; it is “twice-born.” And the Buddhists say the caterpillar doesn’t understand the butterfly but the butterfly understands the caterpillar; what is the significance of this? And is it somehow related to the Crabwood formation ( What does it mean, “Conduit closing . . .?” And the dead goldfish story immediately follows the Huxley translation; Huxley wrote “The Doors to Perception” and “The Perennial Philosophy”; is this teleological? The continuity I mean . . . And the pink hair? And the man asleep in front of the telly? Is the “tea” psychoactive? Are you some kind of sage? You’re freaking me out man . . .

    Based on my own experience every journey requires proper preparation; perhaps the dead goldfish would have benefitted from a bit of pranayama prior to his leap of faith. Perhaps if he had of practiced a bit of pranayama he would’ve discovered he had no need of faith; the leap occurs within because the chasm is internal, or so the Apache say. Anyway, I would’ve titled the piece, The Bardo Pond . . . but then I’m skeptical of faith.

  4. Loved your story. There is sacrifice in it, there is ridicule, there is mistery. All of it combined. Congratulations.


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