Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Psychic

I once phoned a psychic and invited her to come over and tell me my future. At the end of our phone conversation she asked me for my address.
'But you're psychic' I reminded her and hung up.


  1. we have a psychic come to our town in uk and I thought I might ring her up beforehand and ask her if I was going to go to her show. Youy have given me the courage to do just this.

  2. Yeh, not one of 'em has ever won lotto or anything. We had this reality show on TV here in Australia called "The One". They pitted psychics against other psychics in front of two judges, one a sceptic, the other some sort of psychic "leader". The psychics battled it out, but in the end it revealed quite clearly how nonsensicle the whole psychic nonsense is.