Friday, 2 November 2012

Little God

When Little God created our Universe out of nothing, for no reason at all, at the back of his hyper-dimensional trailer park, without asking permission from an adult, his step dad was furious.

In front of Little God's cousins Little God's step dad asked Little God just who he thought he was.
Little God said nothing.

'You've set in motion the evolution of untold billions of conscious lifeforms for no reason at all. What were you thinking?'
Little God shrugged. 

'It's not funny and it's not clever' said Little God's step dad.

As punishment for creating our Universe Little God's step dad took all of Little God's toys away and ordered Little God to his infinitely sized room. 

'Just wait till your mom gets home!' Little God's step dad added as Little God headed to his room.

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