Saturday, 17 August 2013

Employee of the Month

Bernard A. Bell had worked at Shop-A-Lot for a number of years before he took up the company's offer of having his corpus callosum (the bundle of nerve fibres that connected his left and right brain hemispheres) severed - completely free of charge.

The day after the operation Bernard A. Bell wore a Shop-A-Lot cap to hide the stitch marks and was able to man two checkouts tills simultaneously thereby increasing his productivity significantly. 

The right hemisphere of the Bernard A. Bell's brain controlled his left arm that worked checkout till 4 and was more chatty with its customers while the left hemisphere controlled Bernard A. Bells right arm that worked the checkout till 5 and was much better at facial recognition and more musically inclined.

Three months after the operation Bernard A. Bell's left brain hemisphere was named employee of the month.

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  1. I like this piece, succinct & funny, it reads like something from a P.K. Dick novel.


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