Sunday, 22 December 2013

Metaphors 1

The hyena doesn't laugh.
The parrot doesn't talk.
The bird doesn't sing.


  1. The electron doesn't spin.
    The boson doesn't exist.
    The quark doesn't change color.

  2. It occurred to me recently that perhaps I should justify the previous comment by linking to a couple of interesting papers:

    Quantum Theory and Probability Theory: Their relationship and Origin in Symmetry by Philip Goyal and Kevin Knuth (,

    and Jennifer Nielsen's entry in the latest FQXi essay competition, Is Bit It? ( Ms. Nielsen is a grad student at the University of Kansas and in her section of the forum she relates how she asked one of her physics professors, "Well, what exactly IS an electron?" Her professor laughed maniacally and told her that if she really wanted to answer that question she should start a meditation practice . . .


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