Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Bug

Once an insect climbed onto the book I was reading. It was the size of the letter i.
I watched it cross the page and then carried on reading. I forgot about the insect. Two pages later it reappeared. I wasn't enjoying the book. I watched the insect as again it crossed the page. 
I had the silly idea that perhaps it was trying to communicate with me. What if, I thought, every word it walks over is part of a message it is trying to send me?
I watched the insect's route carefully and read aloud each word that it passed over: "to, were, were, in, outside, come, indications, were, of, relative, remained, friar, intending, saw, that, off, have, arrived, I, some, the, behind, none"
Annoyed I squashed the insect with my thumb and went back to reading.

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  1. Haha! You got to be careful with those Loki bugs!


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