Saturday, 12 May 2012


Neil Armstrong never left the moon.

He's lying in the Bay of Tranquility face down, dead of course.
His body doesn't rot much.

What happened was this: Neil Armstrong landed the Eagle as everyone was told but then on that historic moon walk things got too much for him. 

Sure he said one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind but he didn't stop there. Neil Armstrong just bounced off saying as he did so how that was another giant leap for mankind and another and another.

About half a kilometre from the landing site Neil Armstrong started to say some pretty weird things about America, his wife, the UN and God. He said there was a multinational company back on Earth that was slowly making everything smaller but no one had noticed. He told everyone to go and measure their cereal packets. After that he said things nobody understood.

Eventually he ran out of oxygen. His last words were not recorded.


  1. good comment, it is true?
    My conclusion is dangerous to fly through space!!

  2. I have always wondered what that blemish is I see when howling at the moon. Thanks Bo, I needed that.

  3. Happens all the time...when men simple men think they've done something just have to watch news...they're falling down all over the place.


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